Content marketers looking to put a silver bullet in their content marketing strategy should consider flipbook animation. The future potential of flipbooks could explode.

The current transition is seamless enough. If you are already creating content in Word or Powerpoint, all you have to do is convert the documents into PDF and load the content into a digital publishing platform that creates flippingbooks.

The digital publishing solutions available for content creators and designers push the boundaries of online marketing and give you the tools to diversify your content and make it more engaging.

Shoot down your competition by being the first to host a feast of stunning graphics, inspirational images and engaging text in digital formats users can interact with.

A swipe of the screen turns the page and a smart little sound effect even gives the impression readers are turning the pages of an actual magazines.

But a massive difference between print magazines and digital magazines is the latter enable you to embed video and audio within the pages of your flipbook. It goes without saying this ramps up the positioning of your product in the buyer’s journey.

Think about this: You are selling a new power tool and want to describe how your customers can use the tool. You could take write it down. That might take you three hours.

Or you could record a demonstration of somebody using the tool that takes five minutes to record on your smartphone. Video is a much more effective medium for selling some products.

Animation software for flipbooks

Flipbook animation software speeds up the process of designing and publishing. It is the reason why many established print magazines switched to digital in the first place. And there are plenty of computer animation products worth knowing about.

Thanks to HTML5, PDF’s can be created into flipbook magazines in a matter of minutes. Adding animation empowers publishers to create interactive content users can engage with on multiple devices.

flipbook animation software

Software is available online and publishers have over hundred options of customizing unique page flipping content featuring cool animations.

The objective of any content marketing strategy is to improve usability and engage your audience that generates revenue. A successful online marketing campaign requires a process of turning browsers into buyers.

What types of flipbook animation are available?

Digital publishing makes accessing content from any device more convenient and entertaining. The explosion of content on a daily basis saturates the market and publishers are continuously challenged to attract readers before their rivals.

Savvy markets look to new solutions and creating visually stunning content is an emerging trend, particularly for mobile users. End-users want brief news items, digestible articles, videos and inspirational images.

The aesthetics of flipbooks are instantly eye-catching. The pages look and feel sleek; a virtual copy of any marketing item you can expect to find in a doctor’s waiting room. Only flipbooks have the potential to reach anybody that conducts a Google search….

world population

…which is pretty much the entire world population:

By the time you read this article the figure for the world’s population will have increased substantially. That’s a big audience and it’s growing at a rapid rate.

The evolution of Flipbook technology has enabled developers to introduce new features that will have an incredible impact on all aspects of publishing.

There are many uses for animation in online content. You can create digital newsletters, magazines, newspapers, catalogues, brochures, guides, company whitepapers and eBooks all from the same digital publishing platform.

Artists and animators can show their work more easily whilst newspapers and magazines can reproduce the appearance of print publications in the digital space.

How can flipbook animation improve your online marketing content?

We have established how flipbook animations can improve the quality of your content and engage readers, but they also provide solutions which will benefit your overall online marketing campaign.

Flipbook software for animation enables publishes to distribute unlimited copies of their flipping book yet only pay a minimal fee. And animated features bring your pages to life with vibrant colors.

The aesthetics are immediately alluring so providing you can stimulate readers with your talk, the flipbook will handle the walk.

Consumers are more likely to subscribe to content that looks and acts the part. Deliver motivating content and you increase your chances of persuading customers to provide their personal details you can use to your advantage in the future.

Flipbooks technology allows animators to do what they want it to do in fewer steps than traditional platforms. As a result, flipbooks are an emerging trend.

Online publishers that take advantage of the latest advancements in flipbook animation technology will be the envy of their competitors.

Not only will you attract more customers now, you will also get a head start in understanding how the evolution of the flipbook technology and animation will develop in the future.

And that could lead to some mesmerizing flipbook creations.

Technology is on the brink of augmented reality after all.