Competition in the digital marketplace is fierce. Online businesses have a worldwide arena of rivals to combat and gaining visibility in search engines is becoming more difficult. Not to mention the expensive. That’s why you need this brilliant piece of flipbook software.

So imagine if you had access to a publishing platform that enables you to create visually engaging content that stands out from the crowd and instantly captures the attention of online users.

You don’t have to imagine. The software already exists. Digital flipbook software produces high-quality content that effectively draws the eye of the internet users and enables you to command reader engagement.

As an internet marketing blogger, I have experience with producing blog posts and helpful info-graphics to educate people in my field. For the longest time, I was looking for digital flipbook software to share my content with my readers. I tried everything and it felt like nothing would let me easily make digital flipbooks and share them online. Then, I found This is truly the best online digital flipbook maker. With this valuable tool, I can easily create and share digital publications with my audience. Nothing I tried could compare to its speed or ease-of-use. It’s even free! Here, I’ll explain what it takes to make a digital page turning magazine and why Yumpu is a great tool.

Impress your audience with flipbook software

If you really want to impress your audience, give them a unique user-experience. Consumers want to be entertained, informed and have incredible images to admire. The high-quality visual graphics that flipbook software offers give you all this and more.

You can embed multimedia files in flipbook html5 software platforms and create interactive magazines, catalogs, brochures or whatever other marketing materials you like. Digital page flipping magazines recreate everything you can in print and post it online forever. And you never run out of copies.

The benefits of using flipbook software to publish your content:

  • Optimized for search engines
  • Interactive user experience
  • No file download required
  • Perfect for mobile devices
  • Possibility to add multimedia content
  • Easy tracking of analytics
  • Created in just a few minutes
  • No website or hosting needed
  • Most providers offer a free trial

Earn brand trust

Business owners know that to be successful you have to earn the trust of customers before they are prepared to buy your products and services. This principle is tenfold online.

Examples of brand trust

Your website and social media accounts are your shop windows, but to digital customers you are essentially a faceless company they have probably never heard of.

The first time many of your customers first come into contact with your brand is through search engines and social media networks. But they may never have seen your physical store or office – which makes it difficult for them to gauge how successful you are. Or even know whether you are a legitimate company.

Creating high-quality content and positioning yourself as an expert in your field helps customers alleviate concerns of trust. Prove you are an authority in your industry and online users are more likely to purchase from you.

Showcase your products

Flipbooks are highly versatile. Companies can produce all manner of marketing materials in high-quality format. This allows you to showcase your products and services with stunning visual graphics on both desktop PCs and mobile devices.

There are various ways you can promote your products. If you are a retailer or eCommerce company, catalogs are a great way to showcase your entire range of products online – something that is not easily achieved on your website.

If you choose to publish a magazine, adopt the 80/20 rule and blend interesting articles alongside your branded content so that the entire publication is not an obvious marketing tool.

Here you can see a nice example how flip book software is put to use:

Share a Page flipping PDF file on social networks

Brands that produce high-quality content stand a better chance of engaging their audience on social media networks.

And because a flip book is instantly eye-catching, they naturally draw readers to click-through to your content.

And flip book software makes it easy to share on social media networks. Most flipping book platforms can be synced with your social media accounts directly – just like your content management system.

For online businesses to raise brand awareness and drive customer engagement, the ability to produce high-quality content that grabs the attention of your audience is crucial.


Since I deal with internet marketing on a daily basis, I’m already familiar with techniques for SEO and what information I should include to make my content rise up in the ranks of Google’s search engines. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this digital flipbook software takes care of optimizing my document for search engines and even social media. really makes it easy to help content go viral. Without any technical knowledge on my part, my digital page flip magazine can be embedded in websites, is compatible with all major social media groups, and is optimized for search engines. The fact that it’s integrated with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is hugely helpful for when my readers want to share my content with their friends. It’s easy to see why this digital flipbook creator reigns supreme in the online world.

The Simple Steps of Creating a Flipbook

When it comes to creating a page flip magazine, this flipbook creator takes care of all the technical details. The only thing you need is a PDF to get started. Simply upload the the file and convert your PDF to a page flipping magazine. Then begin customizing your flipbook with all the helpful features available. You’ll work with a preview of the finished flipbook in your web browser as you prepare your document for online publishing, no matter whether your users read from mobile or desktop devices. With nothing to download and incredibly helpful support, you don’t have to worry about complicated problems. Whether you want to embed audio and video files or include hyperlinks, this flipbook maker covers all the necessities. I’m so thankful that this easy-to-use software doesn’t even cost any money.

Final thoughts about flipbook software

As you can probably already tell, I would recommend to anyone who wants to create a stunning digital flipbook that’s easy to share with readers. It’s so simple to use and beats all the other free PDF flipbook software available by far. As blogger, it is ultimately one of the most valuable tools I use to release content online. Whether you own a small business or have an online blog, digital flip books are invaluable. Flipbook software gives you all the tools you need to easily convert pdf files into visually captivating content. Combine the right blend of branded material with engaging content and you will drive traffic and improve the perception consumers have of your brand.