Thanks to the emergence of improved HTML5 flipbook technology, businesses of all kinds have the opportunity to showcase their products and services on a visually stunning publishing platform.

By using flippingbook software, publishers and marketers can produce a wide range of advertising and general reading material that can be used to promote your business. Actually anything you do offline, you can do online with a flipbook maker.

So what type of businesses can benefit by creating content as an HTML5 flipbook and what is the software capable of?

Magazine publications with HTML5 Flipbook

The most obvious benefactors of flipbook software are magazine publishers. Flipbook technology was created to help media outlets make the transition from print to digital.

Initial efforts failed because the technology did not provide a good user-experience for readers. But now the software has improved and digital flipbooks practically mimic everything a print magazine does. And more!

The visual graphics give digital magazine the same glossy look as print magazines. Publisher can reserve space for advertising and users even turn pages in a similar way they do with a physical mag.

But the user-experience can be improved in digital magazines in a way that cannot be achieved offline. You can add multimedia files such as video thus making your content more versatile and engaging.

Furthermore, you only have to create one copy of a magazine and you can distribute as many copies as you like for next to no expense – saving massive costs you spend at the printers.

eCommerce and retail outlets

Online retailers and eCommece platforms that have hundreds of products in stock can benefit from flipbook software by creating an online catalogue.

HTML5 flipbooks enable you to replicate catalogues you would normally print and send out to customers free of charge. You are already making massive savings by going online.

But the problem retail company’s face is how they can make all their stock visible to their customers. Some of the lesser items can be pushed down to the bottom of the screen or hidden away on a page that doesn’t receive any visitors.

No matter how many ways you might try, the problem remains that it is difficult to display all your merchandise on a website and make everything visible to your customers all of the time.

HTML5 flippingbooks resolve that problem. You can easily set up categories like you do with a print catalogue and all your good can be spread across the pages so they all have an equal chance of being viewed and purchased.

Estate agents and property developers

Consumers looking to invest large sums of money on property need to be coaxed. You won’t be able to do that with simple blog content and a website no matter how good your visuals look.

HTML5 flipbook

This will especially be the case as flipbooks become more popular with readers online. Once they get a taste of luxury content, they will expect it, if not demand it. Estate agents have to make an excellent impression.

Furthermore, modern day lifestyles are hectic and leave very little time for time-consuming activities like looking for a home. Buyers want convenience and flipbook technology provides you with the tools to make their home seeking experience, efficient, time-saving and enjoyable.

Because you can embed videos into flipbooks you can create virtual tours, include high-quality images and provide detailed information about facilities and the surrounding area all in one place.

Furthermore, including quality content as part of your purchasing path increases your trust value which is an essential factor for home seekers. It could prove the difference between sale and no-sale.

Travel agents

There is nothing better to get a holiday seeker more excited than showing them glossy photographs of where they could go.

Brochures worked well for travel agents for years, but since the dawn of the internet, it has become harder for high-street travel agencies to attract customers.

Although it is possible to seduce customers on your website, you can’t send your website to an email. You can send a link with a picture, but you are still limited in the amount of information you can offer in one easy-to-find space.

Too many images slow down load speeds and if a website is not loaded in around 3 to 10 seconds, end-users will leave and go elsewhere. Flipbooks enable you to include limitless photographs and still load up in good time.

Content marketers

Selling products and services hinges on a marketers ability to engage your audience and evoke emotion. Digital flipbooks enable you to present content in creative and entertaining ways that draw customers in and get them excited about your products and services.

Because you can embed multimedia formats, it is not impossible to include an entire purchasing path in a brochure, explain how to use something in a user manual or include a demonstration video in the pages of your flipbook.

Flipbook HTML5 has many ways of communicating with your audience in a visual and intimate way. And because of the versatility and cost-effectiveness, they are ideal for all types of businesses that want to leave a lasting impression on their audience.