Small businesses that dabble with online content marketing often make the same flaw: they do not diversify their content and make it visually engaging. HTML5 flippingbooks could be a helpful solution.

The biggest problem with stock photos in blog posts is that everybody is doing it. And the online public are not interested anymore.

They want something, new, refreshing and entertaining.

Advancements in flippingbook technology and HTML5 will change the landscape of the internet and is destined to play a lead role in the way we access content in the future.

The huge potential for flipping book technology can only mean one thing: Flipping books are good for business!

Reach a wider audience on social media

Companies have the opportunity too take advantage of the sharing culture that has developed on social media networks. And what do people most like to share?

Something different.

The visual images HTML5 flipbook generates in digital publishing platforms feature high-quality graphics and replicate print publication on a computer screen.

Flippingbooks grab-attention and draw readers to the page. And because the format is so pleasing to the eye, your followers are more likely to share your content.


Because flipping books provide a sophisticated visual platform to produce quality content – and social users want to feel their friends will trust their opinion.

You can embed video content in flippingbooks

In the opening lines of this article, I mentioned the need for small businesses to diversify marketing content. Internet users access content using a wide variety of devices, all of which have different sized screens.

A 2000-word text article is not easily digested on a 5-inch mobile screen. So mobile owners don’t read feature articles. They will however watch a video. And flipbooks give them the option.

User-generated content

Consumers search for content for one of three reasons; for information, to be entertained or to buy something.

Marketers can satisfy every one of their needs on the pages of a flipbook and increase reader engagement.

The potential for businesses producing quality content online are huge and flippingbooks provide a platform that could prove life-changing. If you don’t take advantage of HTML5 flipbooks and everything they have to offer, your rivals will.